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We focus on products and resources to help support your Walk to Wellness. From our programs like 100 Days to Health, our articles, videos, and interviews to nutritional and wellness products, we aim to provide you the best of what we have found.

Many of our products work very well with a varienty of dietary approachs, from Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) to Low Carb or Ketogenic approaches. The goal is nutrition.

AIM Nutrition the works The products we offer are WHOLE FOOD, Plant-based nutritional support from The AIM Companies. These aren’t supplements, nor are they in a classic sense “vitamins”. These products supply concentrated nutrition to help supplement a healthy diet. You will find the convenience and price are the best way to bring serious nutrition to your daily life.

Plant Based Health: With 30+ years of research, education, implementation and consulting by Mark and Mary-Ann Shearer, The Natural Way, brings a wealth of realistic information, practical perspective, and a simple approach to whole health.


100-days-logo-Header-Only-300-300x171 Help on the Way: The foundation of The Natural Way has been focused into a daily online email program called “100 Days to Health” which provides a simple and easy transition to a healthy lifestyle, not just going on a diet. If you are looking to implement a gentle, gradual process to leave bad habits and debilitating disease and embrace real, lifelong health. Check out our YouTube Channel for lots of presentations, interviews, and cooking demonstrations.


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