About Us

About Us

Whole Life Well is designed as a simple platform to bring practical information and products to people seeking health with an emphasis on a whole-food, plant-centered approach.


Quick Key Precepts for Wellness

  • FOOD
    • A Whole Food, Plant-Centric approach to eating is the most health promoting diet for Humans
    • The higher the intake of Plants, the higher the opportunity for Wellness. 
    • Plants are at their optimum when consumed Raw, Fresh, Ripe, and (in many cases) Organic. 
    • Any approach to FOOD must be realistic, sustainable, and practical. 
  • BODY
    • Get moving (and keep moving) and detox your environment.
    • Mental/Emotional/Spiritual life matters!
    • Finances are not separate from Wellness.
    • Sustainability and Benevolence are the outworking of True Wellness.

Sean and Danielle Henry

henrysSean and Danielle were married in 2007. Outnumbered by their 5 kids (ages 19, 16, 6,4,2), daily life is a mix of noisy, fun, lively, and challenging! Neither claim to be authorities on Natural Health, and simply look to share information as they come across it, as well as connect others with great resources. 

Sean has gone through his own challenges/life experiences with health, from drug addiction,  High Blood Pressure, and a life long battle with weight. Mix that with some ADHD, a geek-like interest and taste for food, and a nontraditional/question everything mindset and you get an eclectic perspective on health. Sean contributes a few articles and resources on WholeLifeWell.com under the user seanthred, and is mostly focused on benevolence and sustainability.

A Serial-Entrepreneur. Sean started a short lived Raw Food company, and in 2010 helped develop, and subsequently sell, a whole food, naturally brewed beverage company. The beverage company handled customers across the retail food spectrum like Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods, and several Natural Health Food stores and high end specialty restaurants in the Midwest. This experience brought the reality of the failing modern food/agriculture systems into focus, leading Sean to examine alternative paths for securing, producing, and sustaining local Food Supply. 

When not consumed with keeping the wheels on the bus feeding, educating, and growing her wild bunch, Danielle has a burgeoning photography company specializing in Newborn Photography. Danielle was able to take all 3 modules of the Plant Based Nutrition course run by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and has spent time studying materials from The Academy of Natural Health.  

Sean and Danielle are directors with Aim International, and use their products as a foundation for their own take on a healthy lifestyle. 


Partners and Contributors

Mark and Mary-Ann Shearer

MMAMark and Mary-Ann Shearer have been researching, integrating, and educating people on Wellness for 30+ years. There is simply not enough room to adequately describe all the work and their history completely. They, their daughters, and grandchildren have pioneered a practical, intuitive approach to walking in Wellness.  

Their organization, The Natural Way, located in South Africa, has helped tens of thousands of people, as well as developed products and educational programs to facilitate wellness.

Mary-Ann is a primary contributor to Whole Life Well. You will see her articles and content everywhere in the framework of our website and resources.  She has authed several books, DVD's, and is constantly in demand for live speaking engagements. 

Mary-Ann and Mark developed a 100 Day program to transition people to a fundamental level of Natural Health based on her work and research with The Natural Way.