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Digestion Part 3 – Fats and Problems

Mary-Ann covers fats, and then goes on to discussing problems from indigestion.


From our Mondays with Mary-Ann sessions . . .
Digestion Overview
Digesting Fats, and some potential problems that create indigestion and techniques to fight it.

Digestion – Fats

There are no enzymes in the mouth, and most of the role the mouth plays in other food’s digestion doesn’t happen.

Fats are somewhat unique in that most of the common forms of
“Concentrated Fats” are typically already broken down.

Some foods that contain a lot of fats (Nuts and Seeds for example) need to be chewed thoroughly in order to have their fats digested.

Digestion – Fats

Bile, which is made by the liver and stored in the gall bladder.

The Gall Bladder concentrates the bile and uses it to emulsify and blend the fats into a workable form that can continue on in the digestion process.

This is where Essential Fatty Acids are made available and absorbed into your body for CRITICAL work in many different systems.

Digestion – The MACRO nutrients

Carbohydrates provide the Glucose, which is used in cell metabolism, brain function etc…

Proteins provide the Amino Acids used to repair and grow tissue.

Fats provide the EFA’s for the Endocrine system, which regulates hormones and many other processes.

These 3 main groups provide the foundational elements of the body, and then associated products like vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients etc… get brought along and absorbed in the body as well.

Digestion – Fiber and digestive muscle

Fiber is a key, non nutrient product involved in digestion.

Peristalsis is the process of muscular contraction that moves food along the digestive tract. Without fiber, the process doesn’t work and fiber provides the bulk that carries the food along.

Eventually this process forces the left over waste (and undigested food) out of the body.

Digestion – its Hormonal!

This entire process is controlled by hormones, and therefore the Endocrine system.

Peristalsis is controlled by hormones.

Hydrochloric acid is manufactured and controlled by hormones.

Without a health Endocrine system digestion is near impossible.
Stress affects the Endocrine system, and can inhibit digestion.

Anything that inhibits hormonal
function can mess with digestion.

Digestion – potential problems and solutions

Some people have trouble regulating or using digestive enzymes and need supplemental forms.

Prepzymes by AIM are very good at helping digest Fats, Protein, and Carbohydrates.

Supplemental digestive enzymes help make up for a deficiency and keep food digesting properly and avoid the negative effects of indigestion.

Some people who have suffered with specific problems (Pancreatitis for example) may very well need digestive enzymes for the rest of their life.

Digestion – potential problems and solutions

Periods of high stress can result in indigestion, and supplemental digestive enzymes can help.

Poor eating habits can have long term damage to the digestive tract (dyspepsia).
Using products to cope with the pain and acidic conditions don’t actually help the problem.

Anti-acids wont help digestion.

Digestive enzymes and intestinal flora supplement (FloraFood) will help counteract the problem, as well as help restore the lack of digestive bacteria.