Ketogenic Friendly Supplements

Our selection of Ketogenic friendly, whole food nutrition is amazing. In addition we provide herbs and other healthy products that will help supply your nutritional needs without kicking you out of Ketosis.

Keto friendly means: Many of these products are:
  • No Carb, or Very Low Carb (VLC) products
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Supplying high bio-available minerals or vitamins,
    especially Potassium, Magnesium, trace minerals,
    and Essential Fatty Acids
  • Promoting microbiome health
  • Non-Gmo
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan or plant based
  • Sustainbly produced in North America

Good AND Affordable Ketogenic Support

These products have to be good, but they also have to be affordable to make our list. We see gobs of “keto” products that are either bogus, full of garbage, or so expensive and impractical they just don’t make sense.

Just do a simple calculation on what it takes to get peak nutrition, organic, certified gluten free, non-gmo greens on a regular basis will show you quickly how much you will save. If you can find the sprouts in our LeafGreens at your local store, are they fresh? Are they at their peak? Organic? Non-GMO? Will they last in your kitchen for 30 days?

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Here is our list of Keto-Friendly supplements that help support your lifestyle:

Nutrient Density and the Ketogenic Diet

One of the most challenging parts of maintaining ketogenic diets is maintaining Nutrient Density. Many people who begin the process of transition into a Low Carb (LC), Very Low Carb (VLC) or the various keto dietary approaches end up eventually wrestling with micronutrient density. The goal of “chasing macros”, i.e. reducing carbohydrates, increasing fat, and managing protein can result in an avoidance of key micronutrients.

Many key minerals and vitamins are found in their most bio available form in plants which are associated with carbohydrates.

The Nutrient Optimiser

One of the most significant resources available is Marty Kendall’s Nutrient Optimiser. Using the output from Cronometer, a diet tracking program, the Nutrient Optimiser can look at the micronutrient density of your diet, and make recommendations based on your goals. In almost every example provided, the examples of people (who were normally VERY experienced with ketogenic oriented diets) always had gaps in their micronutrients. And this is when compared to the RDA, which only determine based on averages and norms. Under different circumstances you might need MORE.

Even the most dedicated and knowledgeable dieters end up having gaps in their nutrient density. The goal is to find your nutrition in whole food (WF) sources. However supplementation, especially with food based products, can provide some help. In addition, the ease at which these products help you maintain nutrition easier, more conveniently , and with less expense than diet alone.

We highly recommend you check out this powerful tool and see where you might need a little boost.