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Raising Healthy Kids on The Natural Way


Raising Healthy kids is possible!

The best information on a practical approach to Children and Natural Health. If you are curious about what, when, how to feed your children to create optimal health, stop and watch this video NOW!

Raising 3 daughters, and now with grandchildren, Mark and Mary-Ann Shearer have some experience raising Healthy Kids. From babies to teenagers, this information is very critical to avoiding sickness and disease.

Mary-Ann has made a very provocative statement, one that causes an interesting reaction:

“We (our family) have never had a doctor bill related to Ill Health in over 20 years”

This statement was made years ago. Think through the many implications of this statement:

  • Financially
  • Emotionally
  • Time Savings
  • Secondary effects of medications
  • Additional complications
  • Developmental results

Watch the presentation below, as well as the link to the other articles and resources.

[vimeo 106083742 w=500 h=373]

In the Kitchen with Mary-Ann: Healthy Kids

[vimeo 108075633 w=500 h=373]

Allergies and Children

Here is an article about allergies and children.


Here is an excerpt of the introduction from the book Healthy Kids: The Natural Way

Healthy Kids Hardcover

“After battling for many years with constant ear infections, tonsillitis, allergies, and a host of other problems accepted as ‘normal’ childhood ailments, both author and dietician discovered independently how simple and easy it is to attain glowing health. A chance meeting through their children brought these two like-minded mothers together, and here they offer other parents the persuasive experience, coupled with their joint 50 years of study and application in the field of natural health. They offer advice on a range of subjects, from preparing your body for pregnancy to nutritional guidelines for babies and toddlers. There are useful tips for ensuring that your growing child cope with the demands in the classroom and on the sports field, and a sound plan for helping your teenager through a painless adolescence.”


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  1. […] best source I found was a book by Mary-Ann Shearer called Healthy Kids the Natural Way. I had read a few of Mary-Ann’s books before, but didn’t realize that she had a book […]

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