Mag-nificence™ Magnesium Spray 6-pack


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AIM Mag-nificence™ Magnesium Spray

4.4 oz/130 ml 6 Pack

AIM Mag-nificence™ is applied topically, which is the most effective way to get cellular magnesium into the cells. As an essential mineral, magnesium is critical to the utilization and production of energy during cell metabolism. In addition, it also affects the central nervous system, neuromuscular system, and the cardiovascular system.


Magnesium is essential to your health. Without it, numerous biological processes would never occur.

Nearly 80% of the American population isn’t getting adequate daily magnesium through their diets. Luckily, we have an intelligent solution. Mag-nificence, topically applied in both spray and lotion is the smart way to get magnesium to where your need it most. Whether you want to relax or relieve aches and muscle tension, Mag-nificence is there for you.

  • Helps maintain whole body health
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Creates cell energy through production of ATP
  • Involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions

Magnesium is a critical component of a Ketogenic Diet, and is key to the utilization and production of energy during cell metabolism. Help avoid the “keto-flu” and improve your ability to use energy with this important mineral. The topical form is a simple and effective way to provide this critical mineral and support Keto!

Why is this so essential?

Magnesium may be one of the most essential elements to living organisms. Its function in the human body is vast— everything from electrolyte maintenance to metabolism to heart health and so much more can be traced back to magnesium. Supplementing can help create a body in balance and lead to improved health in a number of areas.

As an essential mineral, it is involved in more than 300 enzymatic reactions inside the body, involving glucose, fat, and protein. In its most prominent role, magnesium is critical to the utilization and production of energy during cell metabolism. Consider that this mineral is the second-most-abundant, positively-charged ion in the cell fluids, and you can see how the transfer, storage, and utilization of intracellular energy rely on this mineral.

In addition to its effect on energy, magnesium also affects the central nervous system, neuromuscular system, and the cardiovascular system. It produces and transports energy, synthesizes protein, transmits nerve signals, and relaxes muscles. About 65 percent of all the body’s supply resides in bones and teeth, and the mineral plays a key role in the health of both. The remaining percentage of can be found in muscle and tissue cells and body fluids with the highest concentrations in the heart and brain cells. This speaks to magnesium’s value in cardiovascular and neurologic health.

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