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Success Stories Weight Loss

weight loss

Some of our success stories in weight loss on the Natural Way and 100 Days to Health. 

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“I can’t thank you enough for what you have put into this programme. You are a great blessing. I bought your 1st book about 20 years ago or so. I think it was newly out then. I read it and believed every word you said, but I was not at that place in my life where I had the will to execute your plans. I SO regret that, for my children as well as for my husband and myself.

BUT……..God is good, because 13months ago He just gave me the divine ability to do a 360 degrees with my life and get on track for the very first time in my 58 years.

I have Muscular Dystrophy (Limb Girdle type), plus I had breast cancer in 2004 and my gall bladder removed in 2005. I have been in a wheelchair since 1996.

Well, I have to confess my life became a mess in almost every way.

But on the 31st January 2009 in the midst of experiencing the MOST unbelievable pressure sores from sitting, I just cried out to God and HE began to do a work in my heart and mind. I have never been so serious with God in my life and He knew it too.

“I was weighing around 230-240kgs!!! I used to eat my way through stress. Not really in quantity, but in WHAT I ate!! I just got this divine idea to eliminate flour, dairy, sugar. So I began to eat a lot of raw fruit and veg with a small bit of complex carbs like potato and rice milk to replace dairy.

I went to find your book but I think it’s either packed away or I have lent it to someone with whom I have lost track. So I’m planning on getting another one soon. In the mean time I decided to find you on the internet and that’s when I saw your 100 day programme. It is amazing. I realised for the first time that eating correctly is not about following a diet, which sets one up for failure anyway, but it’s about understanding how to go about eating foods. Suddenly I have so much understanding about correct eating.

It’s as though the entire puzzle has begun to fit together for me! I have lost 45kg so far!

I still have to ask God each day to renew my strength and give me the ability to remain true to what I’m doing. And, He DOES!!!

Now my husband is also following my “eating with understanding” and has lost 7kgs!

Thank you so very much for having inspired me again from all those years back. When I bought your book I KNEW it was for a purpose. But sometimes us humans take too long to learn!!
God bless you in all you do,”

 Lost 18 kg/40 lbs

“I’m now 18kg down and still going strong

This has been the easiest and most amazing lifestyle change I have ever managed, and that fact that now just on 6 months down the line I am still so focused and encouraged.

Lots and lots of thanks and gratitude”

Lost 11 kb/25 lbs

“Just to let you know, I have read your Perfect Weight book and the kilos are still coming off! I have now lost 11 kg in weight since I did the 100 days program a year ago and although my weight loss has been slow, I know I am on the right road to healthier living.”

Lost 33 lbs

“I’ve actually started excising January this year and following the natural way lifestyle together with the exercise (no diet whatsoever!) I have dropped 3 dress sizes and the scale shows around 33 lbs weight loss so far (not that I pay much attention to the scale) it is my body that feels good and looks much better.

Doing all the stuff you’ve taught me Mary-Ann I am walking proof that this works. My family from my mother’s side is all riddled with arthritis and cancer from my father side of the family. My brothers & sister all have serious osteoporosis and I am 100% healthy, nothing wrong with me.”

Reached Goal Weight

“I’ve only just managed to get your e-mail address from my friend Francoise Holley, who thankfully helped me get on to your 100 days to health programme. I started it, I’ve just checked on the 21st of April last year. I was feeling unfit, unhealthy and overweight, which I was. I’m 1 metre 57 and I weighed 71 kgs. And I’m 58 years old.

I have been living in the U.K for 11 years now and I was “trying” to eat healthily, but nothing worked. I spoke to Francoise and she told me about the 100 days to health and she helped me get on the programme as I said. I started receiving the e-mails and found it so easy to do. I love fruit and fresh veggies and found it no hardship at all, in fact it is such an easy lifestyle to keep. It’s easy when you go out, eat salad or veggies or no carbs and chicken salad. I love eating seeds and nuts between meals and just don’t feel like cakes or biscuits and chocolate any more. Of course I have them occasionally but it’s not a must, if I feel like something sweet I have some grapes or strawberries or bananas.

I have got down to my goal weight now of 54 kgs and I feel so fit and well, I haven’t felt so well for years. I won’t ever change my eating habits thanks to this programme, I wish I’d known about it years ago. Thank you so much.”

6 Weeks in, 14 lbs gone

“Thank you so much for the Health program and your advice.

I had lower back surgery 2 years ago which included a huge anesthetic, lots of pain killers and sedatives, so my digestive system went haywire. I rumbled and grumbled and felt tired, unhealthy, sore and bloated until you suggested I join the program. Within the first week my digestion settled down and I began to feel so much better. The eating plan is brilliant as I no longer have to force myself to eat the red meat a dietitian advised (for B12) and I am truly grateful to feel so good.

Mary-Ann, this is absolutely the most exciting journey!!! God bless you for sharing your knowledge with us all. I’ve been learning & applying for about 6 weeks now & LOVING IT!!! I feel wonderful, have lost about 14 pounds, feel so good, and look better too. Thank you a million times. I’ve been praying for this for years.”


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