AIM Nutritional Products

The foundation of Wellness when it comes to nutrition is a Plant Based, Whole Food diet. Time and time again, research, when performed independently  (i.e. not funded by financial agenda), proves this out more and more.

The common resistance factors to converting more and more of your diet to whole food, plant based sources:

  • Convenience: If you are used to prepackage, pre-made food, you have a serious change in your daily routine.
  • Buying: You need to find good sources of food, and you will shop more often.
  • Prepping: All that food requires prepping and cooking.
  • Cost: Buying whole food without a little work can sometimes be more expensive (although often it is not).
  • Quality: Finding high quality whole food, especially produce, can be difficult.

A key component of the diet we promote is green Barely Juice made by AIM International. We find that the amount of time and effort it takes to procure, store, handle, and prepare greens at their peak nutrient density is simply overwhelming without a full time effort! Yet the benefits of this one single product are immense.

Mary-Ann  Shearer, one of the founders of The Natural Way and Whole Life Well, was approached by many companies looking to market their Green Juices and Powders. After personally visiting operations, trying products, talking with company directors etc… she determined that AIM products were superior, and began to use and promote them.

Since then, many, many people have incorporated their products into their daily diet, with tremendous results.

AIM itself is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) structure, which has its own unique set of dynamics. Many people simply just want a superior product, and do not wish to be involved in a MLM. Others see it s a opportunity to have a secondary (or even primary) source of income. We have several choices for you:

  • You can purchase AIM products we carry in our product store on an on-demand basis. You dont need to sign up for AIM, manage minimum orders, or worry about waiting for product.
  • You can sign up as an AIM member. We can help you sign up quickly, place your first order, and you can continue to order directly from AIM any time you wish. You receive better pricing, as well as progressively bigger rebates on your purchases.
  • You can partner with Whole World Well and we will help you build your business by providing you with education, resources, and business building opportunities in your area through our seminars and presentations.