AIM Business Development

For some people, our products  are a great way to get healthy, and support their own life and family. Like many business opportunities, hard work, and the right resources are keys to success.

Whole Life Well can help provide you with resources to build you AIM business. We have built several key AIM memberships in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for our partners and ourselves. Here are some of the resources we offer:

  • In person seminars in your area: You find a location and gather the people, we will come in and work with you to make presentations based on our Natural Way seminars and talks. People singing up for AIM at these events will be put in your AIM downline.
  • Affiliate links to our 100 Days to Health program, providing you with  AIM members in your downline.
  • Discounts and affiliate links on our Books, DVDs, and online store products.
  • Free membership, and discounts on memberships for your downline.

We have a history with building AIM memberships for our partners. We have seen meeting where the majority of attendees leave the presentation with AIM memberships, books and DVDs. These members benefit greatly from your followup and encouragement.  You can find yourself with dozens, if not hundreds of members in your downline very quickly, many of whom will sign up additional members under them.

If you are interested in working with WholeLifeWell to develop a business, please contact our Partner Specialists by clicking here.